These are Cleaning liquids we currently have in stock this list will be growing so check back with us.

Gun Cleaning Lead and Copper Solvents Lubrication Protector

Copperzilla Copper Solvents
Hoppes T3
Mpro7 Gel
MPro copper remover
Patriot Oil
Regal Oil
Truly Remarkable

Copper Cleaner

General Cleaners

Oils and protectors

Copperzilla is
designed to remove the
traces of copper left in
your barrel from
shooting copper
jacketed bullets.  It is
Non-toxic this is a big
Hoppe’s Elite
Copper terminator
Hoppe’s has been
around as long as
I can remember
and is a favorite of
M-Pro 7 is one of
the newer products
on the market.  They
make several
products ranging
from complete kits
to general cleaners. 
This product is also
intended to remove
the copper fouling
from your bore. You
can Visit the M-Pro 7
site if you would like
more detail.

This product is safe for all firearms metal or polymer finishes however you should avoid contact with rifle stocks or handgun grips. It is available in a 5 Oz glass bottle and removes both Copper and Lead.
The M-Pro7 is an exhalent carbon remover I have cleaned stainless barrel when done you could barley tell they had ever had a round thru them.  It will also remove Lead and most of the Copper fouling.  You can Visit the M-Pro 7 site if you would like more detail.
M-Pro 7 Bore Gel Is a gelled version of their gun cleaner designed for use in small bore guns where it is difficult to spray the product down the bore.  You can Visit the M-Pro 7 site if you would like more detail. 
What can I say it's Hoppe's it contains the  T3 additive which is made of  liquid molybdenum (moly) and liquid PTFE  Visit Hoppe's website for more detail.