Otis 3 Gun cleaning Kit
Otis Tactical
Otis Ripcord
The Bone tool is used for cleaning the carbon form the bolt carrier group.  Available for both 5.56/223 and 308
The OTIS tactical cleaning kit shown above is an extremely versatile in a small package.  It can be used from 17 caliber to 12 ga. The video selected is for the pink tactical the system is also available with out the pink.
The MSAR kit displayed above was designed for the AR 15 platform.  It includes scrapers and brushes designed to clean the carbon out of those hard to access areas.
Otis kits are designed with more functionality than you would expect in such a small container.
The Otis 3 Gun cleaning kit is designed to meet the needs of 3 gun shooter.  It prepares you  to clean your AR style rifle, Pistol and 12 Ga. shotgun.
The rip cord was designed to compete with the bore snake. In true Otis style it can and should be pulled from breech to muzzle.  You can also scres a bore brush on the end for more aggressive cleaning
3 Gun Kit

Otis for the Ladies

Otis added a touch of pink to the tactical kit shown above.